Setting tab is divided into a few sections. Asides from the Install demo Data section mentioned above, there are a few important sections for you to customize your general setting.

You can view this video to take a general look about Setting

How to config Settings in Theme options

General in Settings


General Settings Description
1. Back To Top Two options: on,off for Back To Top button
2.Google Map API Key After you bought API key, you should copy & paste here to display Map
3. Enable Default Thumbnail Placeholder You can set to dispay thumnail placeholder if you don't upload feature images
4. First Image as Post Thumbnail You can set first content image as post thumbnail if you don't upload feature images
5. Search Post Types You can select the types in search form
6. Search Ajax Enable You can set for seach ajax (Results are shown as you type, results narrow as you continue typing. If results become too narrow, remove characters to see a broader result)
7. Maintenance You can set the WordPress site administrator to close the website for maintenance
8. Page Loading You can a page loading affect such as: Circle, Wave etc
9. 404 Page You can select a page for 404 Page

Connection in Settings

G5 Core allows you to display your Social account in the theme


Connection Settings Description
1. Title You can enter the title for social network
2.Social Network Icon You can set the icon for social network
3.Social Network Link You enter the link of that social network
4.Social Network Color Finally, you select the color for social network as you want

CSS & JavaScript in Setting

Navigate to Theme Options > CSS &JavaScript . In this section, you can add custom CSS or Javascript code to your website.


Connection Settings Description
1. Custom Css You can enter the CSS code here
2. Custom JavaScript This is section which can you add Js code
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